Our Mission is to Foster Growth

We Strive To Foster the Growth & Success of Technology Companies in Their Quest for International Market Expansion


We Are Knowledgable

We've had years of experience working with startups and understand cultures and challenges with developing a presence in the international market.


We Are Cost-Effective

We are proficient in working with limited resources to help companies in all stages quickly establish strong market presence in the most cost-effective manner.


We Are Supportive

We've earned a reputation for excellence in market acceleration with the success of our numerous clients. Our support is unparalleled. We'll empower you to succeed internationally.

Our History

We started in 2001 right after Internet bubble burst. Having built extensive network and contacts in both US and APAC, both with channel partners and end-customers across the regions, I formed a team with similar background based out of South East Asia, Japan, Australia/New Zealand and Greater China, where each of them is a seasoned veteran in their own respective local country or region.


APAC Market

The Asia-Pacific Markets (APAC) are a fragmented set of markets in which each region is unique, both culturally and in terms of how business is conducted. In the same time, APAC is a very lucrative and important target market for hi-tech companies, from growth and strategic alignment perspectives.

Being a far reach territory, accessing the APAC market becomes a challenge when companies are looking to focus their efforts and budget to gain maximum leverage in minimal time. Knowing which region to address first, and being successful expanding on that is the key success factor for any venture looking to access this market.

When it comes to Asia-Pacific markets, one critical factor rises above all others in determining success: the breadth and depth of your relationships. In this area, TransAccel offers an unsurpassed level of expertise, proven contacts, proven results and on-site presence throughout the Asia-Pacific.

Simply put, no one offers tech companies a better introduction to the Asia-Pacific opportunity than TransAccel.

The US is probably one of the most dynamic markets in the world. In general, foreign companies doing business in the US face a wide range of challenges and risks in entering the marketplace. The APAC companies entering into US market could encounter language, cultural and market challenges.

It is important to have clear understanding of the US business etiquette and cultures, especially the main drivers that motivate American business individuals. Besides bridging the gap, TransAccel will help formulate sound market entry strategy that enables APAC companies to excel in establishing and maintaining their market presence in US.


US Market

Our Success Is Measured by Our Clients' Success

We take our clients business very seriously. We work hard and employ creativity and innovation to continuously overachieve our client's goals. But at same time, being long time professionals in this field (25-35 years) where we have seen all types of situations, we constantly remind ourselves to have fun and relax. This allows us to meet any challenges as a team.


Wilson Chandra


Over 27 years of strong leadership experience in marketing the products and services of technology companies. Since the inception of TransAccel, he has continued to lead in delivering superior services & contributing to many clients' success.


Ron Landthorn

VP of Business Development

For the past five years, he has managed North American sales for two leading International Business Development firms that assist technology companies in developing offshore revenue sources & strategic partnerships.


Anthony Wong

Managing Director
Australia/New Zealand

Brings over 33 years of executive management, sales and engineering experience as he takes on the prominent role of Managing Director in Australia and New Zealand for JYC.


KC Choy

Managing Director
Greater China

Over 22 years of experience in marketing and business development of communications products and solutions in Asia. Most recently, he was the founding Director and General Manager of Advantage Plus Technology Ltd in Hong Kong.

aymond Koh_3

Raymond Koh

Managing Director
South East Asia

Raymond Koh has over 33 years of experience in the Telecommunications Industry that includes over 20 years in executive management.


Atsuhiko Fukuda

Managing Director

Over 23 years of experience in the computer software and communications industry, including extensive systems integration experience and a proven sales track record. With his vast corporate user network, he has sold many millions of dollars of equipments and solutions.


Armando Ponce

Managing Director
United States

Armando Ponce brings over 25 years of executive management, sales, and engineering experience as he takes on the role of Managing Director for the Southern US and Latin America region.

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Unparalled Acceleration.

Our teams are highly proficient in working with limited resources to help companies at all stages to quickly establish a strong market presence in the most cost-effective manner.

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